Why do we use return statement in python?

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What is the simple basic explanation of what the return statement is, how to use it in Python and how is it different to print statement?
Oct 22, 2018 in Python by findingbugs
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In python, we start defining a function with "def" and end the function with "return".

A function of variable x is denoted as f(x). What this function does? Suppose, this function adds 2 to x. So, f(x)=x+2

Now, the code of this function will be:

def A_function (x):
    return x + 2

After defining the function, you can use that for any variable and get result. Such as:

print A_function (2)
>>> 4

We could just write the code slightly differently, such as:

def A_function (x):
    y = x + 2
    return y
print A_function (2)

That would also give "4".

Now, we can even use this code:

def A_function (x):
    x = x + 2
    return x
print A_function (2)

That would also give 4. See, that the "x" beside return actually means (x+2), not x of "A_function(x)".

answered Oct 22, 2018 by Priyaj
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def maximum(x, y):
    if x > y:
    return x
   return y 

print maximum(2, 3)

return statement exit a function and return a value. for more detail of python and return statement.

answered Apr 4 by anonymous

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