Why do we not follow the off by one rule in python

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I am new learner and learning Python from a book.
I did what was written in the book....
I made a list like this below.....

players = ['charles', 'martina', 'michael', 'florence', 'eli']
 Then I wrote...

#The results were like this....
['charles', 'martina', 'michael']

So my question is this.... When we write the starting number (which is 0 in this case) we follow the "off by one" rule.... but when we write 3 as the end value... we have the third element!!!! Why do we not follow the "off by one" rule here?

Nov 15, 2020 in Python by Rajiv
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It's because of the way in which slicing notation works. [0:3] goes up to the 3rd element but does not include it. You can see this by slicing from the 3rd element until the end of the list
#['florence, 'eli']

The 3 at the end is not the 3rd item in the list it is the 4th

answered Nov 15, 2020 by Gitika
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