How do I create folder under an Amazon S3 bucket through PHP API

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I am developing an iPhone app to allow a user upload photo and share it.
I want to use S3 to store upload the images as well as process the images (for example, thumbnail, reduced size image).
I've installed AWS PHP API on my EC2 instance, my questions are: 1) Should photo uploaded from iPhone app go to an EC2 directory first, then copy them over to S3 bucket, or it should directly get uploaded to S3?
2) How can I create different folders under the S3 bucket through PHP API and how to read the files from the folder?

Kindly help me out in this case, will be grateful!
Apr 24, 2018 in AWS by Flying geek
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Of Course, it is possible to create a new folder using s3 SDK.

Try this code below: 


 /* abc is the folder name */

                   'Bucket' => $bucket,
                   'Key'    => "abc/",
                   'Body'   => "",
                   'ACL'    => 'public-read'
answered Apr 24, 2018 by anonymous

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