Renaming files in S3

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I wish to rename all the files in csv format. Can do that S3.

Apr 5, 2018 in AWS by brat_1
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Yes you can rename files in bulk. To do this you may need AWS Command Line Interface (CLI). A simple script may just about serve your purpose. Follow these steps:

  1. start by Installing and launch the AWS Command Line Interface (CLI).
  2. Log in to it.
  3. try the following script::
    aws s3 –recursive mv s3://<bucketname>/<folder_name_from>/<old_file_name> s3://<bucket>/<folder_name_to>/<new_file_name>
  4. Pass in foolowing information: that is the bucket name, folder name and new file name.
  5. You should be good to go.

You may also try file renaming softwares. there are quite in the market. There is one called as 'File Renamer'

answered Apr 5, 2018 by hemant
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There is no direct method to rename the file in s3. what do you have to do is copy the existing file with new name (Just set the target key) and delete the old one.

answered Oct 16, 2018 by papa_jones
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Used this and it worked pretty well

aws s3 --recursive mv s3://<bucketname>/<folder_name_from> s3://<bucket>/<folder_name_to>
answered Oct 16, 2018 by patrick dallas
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Try using this, as i suppose you want to rename all the files to some other name, hope this helps.

aws s3 cp s3://source_folder/ s3://destination_folder/ --recursive
aws s3 rm s3://source_folder --recursive

Hope this helps!

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answered Oct 16, 2018 by raju singh

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You can either use AWS CLI or s3cmd command to rename the files and folders in AWS S3 bucket.

Using S3cmd, use the following syntax to rename a folder,

s3cmd --recursive mv s3://<s3_bucketname>/<old_foldername>/ s3://<s3_bucketname>/<new_folder_name>

Using AWS CLI, use the following syntax to rename a folder,

aws s3 --recursive mv s3://<s3_bucketname>/<old_foldername>/ s3://<s3_bucketname>/<new_folder_name>
answered Oct 16, 2018 by petter dj
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Try this python code. i am using it for renaming single csv file, but you can easily change it

    client = boto3.client('s3')
    ## Get a list of files with prefix (we know there will be only one file)
    response = client.list_objects(
        Bucket = dpm_share_bucket,
        Prefix = srcPrefix
    name = response["Contents"][0]["Key"]
    ## Store Target File File Prefix, this is the new name of the file
    target_source = {'Bucket': dpm_share_bucket, 'Key': name}
    target_key = PREFIX + 'column_mappings.csv'
    ### Now Copy the file with New Name
    client.copy(CopySource=target_source, Bucket=BUCKET_NAME, Key=target_key)
    ### Delete the old file
    client.delete_object(Bucket=dpm_share_bucket, Key=name)
except Exception as e:
        ## do nothing
        print('error occured')
answered Feb 26, 2020 by Sirish Saxena

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