How to GET data from API and show it on PHP page

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I want to use some data from an API to create a page for my website. WordPress was used to create the website. I've tried a number of online codes and functions without luck. I must log in to the API using a user, pass, or token (I prefer token). Since I'm brand-new to PHP and API, I don't even know where to begin.

I want to use the Exoclick API to get data if anyone has used it before. I can see that the request is made with curl from the Exoclick API interface, and I would prefer not to utilize it. Here's an illustration:

curl -X GET --header 'Accept: application/json' --header 'Authorization: Bearer tokenhere' ''

I discovered this login code in the API manual, however when I pasted it into a test page, it simply crashed my website:


        // Include Request and Response classes

        $url = '';

        $params = array(
                'api_token'  => 'tokenhere'

        // Create a new Request object
        $request = new Request($url, 'POST', $params);

        // Send the request

        // Get the Response object
        $response = $request->getResponse();

        if($response->getStatusCode() == 200) {

            // Retrieve the session token details
            $token = $response->getBodyDecoded();

        else {

            echo $response->getStatusCode() . PHP_EOL;
            echo $response->getReasonPhrase() . PHP_EOL;
            echo $response->getBody() . PHP_EOL;
Jul 31, 2022 in PHP by Kithuzzz
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