AWS SSL security error curl 60 SSL certificate prob unable to get local issuer certificate

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I am trying to connect Amazon's S3 files from my (localhost) Windows 8 machine running AppServ 2.5.10 (which includes Apache 2.2.8, php 5.2.6, mysql 5.0.51b and phpMyAdmin 2.10.3) using Amazon SDK for php.

In order to be compatible with Amazon SDK's namespace feature, I replaced php with version 5.3.28 by downloading its zipped file and unzipped it.

My php code works fine to access S3 file in Amazon EC2 but it failed in my Windows local host.

However when I run the php srcipt to read Amazon S3 bucket file in Windows local host machine, I got SSL error as following:

Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'Guzzle\Http\Exception\CurlException' with message '[curl] 60: SSL certificate problem: unable to get local issuer certificate [url]' in C:\AppServ\www\ecity\vendor\guzzle\guzzle\src\Guzzle\Http\Curl\CurlMulti.php:342 Stack trace:

#0 C:\AppServ\www\ecity\vendor\guzzle\guzzle\src\Guzzle\Http\Curl\CurlMulti.php(283): Guzzle\Http\Curl\CurlMulti->isCurlException(Object(Guzzle\Http\Message\Request), Object(Guzzle\Http\Curl\CurlHandle), Array)

#1 C:\AppServ\www\ecity\vendor\guzzle\guzzle\src\Guzzle\Http\Curl\CurlMulti.php(248): Guzzle\Http\Curl\CurlMulti->processResponse(Object(Guzzle\Http\Message\Request), Object(Guzzle\Http\Curl\CurlHandle), Array)

#2 C:\AppServ\www\ecity\vendor\guzzle\guzzle\src\Guzzle\Http\Curl\CurlMulti.php(231): Guzzle\Http\Curl\CurlMulti->processMessages()

#3 C:\AppServ\www\ecity\vendor\guzzle\guzzle\src\Guzzle\Http\Curl\CurlMulti.php(215): Guzzle\Http\Curl\CurlMulti->executeHandles()

#4 C:\AppServ\www\ecity\ven in C:\AppServ\www\ecity\vendor\aws\aws-sdk-php\src\Aws\Common\Client\AbstractClient.php on line 288

I download the certifate from and define it in php.ini as following:

curl.cainfo = "C:\AppServ\cacert.pem"

but I still got the same error. It seems php doesn't honor the curl.cainfo defined in php.ini.

My php version is 5.3.28 according to localhost/phpinfo.php.

I also checked the cainfo parameter to be correct as C:\AppServ\cacert.pem using

echo ini_get( "curl.cainfo" ) ; 

in the php script.

Php version higher than 5.3 shall support curl.cainfo in php.ini.

In Windows' command line, I check curl behavior and it seems work fine.

   curl: (60) SSL certificate problem: unable to get local issuer certificate

C:\Users\Jordan>curl --cacert C:\AppServ\cacert.crt
  This is aaa.txt file.
  Stored in Amazon S3 bucket.

Is it because I used Apache in Windows which doesn't match php 5.3.28 zip file I downloaded from VC9 x86 Thread Safe (2014-Jun-11 01:09:56) zip version.

In my apache's httpd-ssl.conf file, I have the following setting even I use from local host in Windows 8.

<VirtualHost _default_:443>

DocumentRoot "C:/AppServ/www"
ServerName localhost:443
ErrorLog "C:/AppServ/Apache2.2/logs/error.log"
TransferLog "C:/AppServ/Apache2.2/logs/access.log"

SSLEngine on

SSLCertificateFile "C:/AppServ/Apache2.2/conf/mydomain.cert"
SSLCertificateKeyFile "C:/AppServ/Apache2.2/conf/mydomain.key"

<FilesMatch "\.(cgi|shtml|phtml|php)$">
    SSLOptions +StdEnvVars
<Directory "C:/Apache2.2/cgi-bin">
    SSLOptions +StdEnvVars

BrowserMatch ".*MSIE.*" \
     nokeepalive ssl-unclean-shutdown \
     downgrade-1.0 force-response-1.0

CustomLog "C:/AppServ/Apache2.2/logs/ssl_request.log" \
      "%t %h %{SSL_PROTOCOL}x %{SSL_CIPHER}x \"%r\" %b"


Now I am wondering what is the problem and how to connect to Amazon S3 bucket files and RDSdatabase without producing these curl cannot get local issuer certificate problems from my Windows 8 local host.

Any advice?

Nov 2, 2018 in AWS by findingbugs
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the solution for AWS SDK v2 is to set the ssl.certificate_authority option when instantiating the SDK:

$aws = Aws\Common\Aws::factory(array(
    'region' => 'us-west-2',
    'ssl.certificate_authority' => '/path/to/updated/cacert.pem'

answered Nov 2, 2018 by Priyaj
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