How to determine the velocity of a team member with QA efforts in agile

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I would like to understand the calculation of velocity planning of a team member in Agile sprint along with QA efforts. Let me explain it by example:

Let suppose, my velocity is 5 per sprint. It means, I can pick maximum 5 story points per sprint.

Now, we groomed one user story which require very small effort from DEV side(1 point) but for QA prospective, it is 5 pointer becaus they need to test complete application due to this small change. As we story point based on team decision so we decided to go with 5 story points.

This user story is assigned to me so it means, I already accounted for 5 story points of work for this sprint and as per my velocity(which was 5), I am done for this sprint.

But as I mentioned above, this story require very small effort from DEV side(1 point) so it is kind of wrong information or wrong interpretation of my actual work.

So my question is, how we can properly defined or calculate the velocity of a particular team member in such scenarios where we need to divide the work between multiple team members for a same user story specially in case of QA.
Apr 20 in PMP by Edureka
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