VSTS Agile Process Template - User Story as child of Epic and ignore Feature WIT

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In Microsoft's VSTS, is there a way to have User Story as a child of Epic in the Agile process template, eg including when performing "mapping", without creating a VSTS custom process template? In the image below in the main content area, hide / remove Feature, and in the "Mapping" panel on the right, have Epics for mapping User Stories.

enter image description here

I'm asking because in my org's agile practice we have epics and user stories but we don't see the need / benefit to the extra layer of Feature WIT.

OOTB Agile process template has Epic > Feature > User Story and when you view Product Backlog (aka user stories) you can map them to Features and when you view Feature portfolio backlog you can map them to Epics, but you can't (that I know of) turn off the Feature WIT so that User Stories can be mapped directly to Epics in the GUI.

Btw, it isn't possible to rename OOTB WITs otherwise I would simply turn off Epic WIT and rename it to "Epic OOTB", and rename Feature WIT to "Epic My Org".

UPDATE: Per Add a portfolio backlog level it is possible to add a portfolio backlog level with a new WIT:

You'll first export your process, add or update definition files, and then import that process to either update existing team projects or use it to create a team project.

but I want to remove one. I may try the reverse using this procedure but first I'd like some reassurance that it likely works for removing an OOTB level.

Some of the docs I've consulted include:

VSTS Agile process template work item type hierarchy

Apr 19, 2022 in PMP by Edureka
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