How to mirror an Azure DevOps repository to a gitlab one

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I have deployed my own GitLab server on an Azure VM and I want to mirror an existing Azure DevOps repository into a GitLab one.

When I trigger the mirroring task, I am getting an error.

Host key verification failed.

fatal: Could not read from remote

These are the steps I followed for mirroring :

  • settings > repository#js > push > remote > settings on GitLab.
  • Expanding the mirroring panel.
  • Enter git repo ssh URL.
  • ssh://
  • Replaced the original : by / in front of the v3.
  • Add the public key generated by GitLab into my Azure DevOps public key.
Can someone help me to solve this error?

Apr 19, 2022 in Other DevOps Questions by Kichu
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