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I'm curious as to what other people use for physical Kanban/Scrum boards in their companies. I appreciate that because of sensitive business information you may not be able to provide a photo of the board. I"m looking at to find out what does your board looks like, and how you organize user stories and tasks as they move through a typical sprint/iteration?

Typically I've worked in a places that organize the board as follows with each

User Story   | Todo                   | In Progress  | Ready for QA     | Done   |
UC-001       | Domain Object, Service | DAO(Bob)     |                  |        |
UC-002       | Payment UI Screen      |              | Payment Srv (Don)|        |
UC-003       |                        |              | UC-003           |        |
             |                        |              |                  | UC-004 |
             |                        |              |                  | UC-005 |

So to summarise:

  • A task for UC-001 is in progress by one member of the team (Bob). A list of tasks for other people to pick up are waiting in the Todo column, but this can be picked up by another member of the team who co-ordinate with Bob to get the work done.
  • For UC-002 the payment service task was completed and an automated test harness was completed for QA allowing them to test the service without a UI. If the test fails a bug is raised and moved along with the Payment Service task back into the QA phase
  • All the tasks for UC-003 was completed and moved to Ready for QA.
  • All the tasks for Uc-004 and UC-005 were complete so the user story was moved to Done.

This works as a tangible white board that involves people interacting with each of the tasks/user stories (represented as post it notes). An electronic version is created prior to the sprint/iteration and is only updated at the end of the sprint/iteration corresponding to the current situation. Comments and criticism are welcomed : )

Apr 18, 2022 in PMP by Edureka
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