Tableau dashboard for mobile tablets

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I'm new to Tableau and am attempting to figure out how easy it is to create a dashboard that can be accessible via web browsers, tablets, and smartphones.

I have a few inquiries, which are as follows:

Is there a dynamic dashboard in Tableau that adapts to the width of the device?

Is it possible to change the style and feel of the charts/dashboard to meet our needs for browsers and tablets?

Is there a demo where I can see what a tableau dashboard looks like on different screen sizes?
Tableau supports which mobile platforms? (Android, iOS, Win)
Mar 29, 2022 in Tableau by Vaani
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To make a dashboard mobile with Tableau, you don't need to do anything specific. Simply publish to Tableau Server as usual, and Tableau will recognise whether or not you're using the Mobile app. Dashboard choices include iPad, desktop, and automated, as well as the ability to customise the size of your dashboard.
You may access Tableau Server directly from your mobile browser, without using the app. Views and dashboards instantly operate on your tablet without any further writing or design adjustments.

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answered Apr 5, 2022 by Neha
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