How to handle payload formats for both iOS and Android through the Azure Notification Hub

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I wish to support both iOS and Android platforms through the Azure Notification Hub.

The iOS platform expects the payload in the following form:

{"aps":{"alert":"Notification Hub test notification"}}

The Android platform expects the payload in this form:

{"data":{"message":"Notification Hub test notification"}}

I am aware that the payload can be modified to include more information but the example is sufficient for the question.

I send a notification to a destination based on a Tag and I do not keep a record of the platform, each push notification registration uses is the only alternative to send the notification twice - once for Apple native and the second for GCM native.

hubClient.SendAppleNativeNotificationAsync(payload, tag); 

hubClient.SendGcmNativeNotificationAsync(payload, tag);

Is there a way to send a notification to Azure Notification Hub with multiple payloads and then the notification hub will use the payload appropriate for the destination device?

Jul 9, 2019 in Azure by sabby
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I think your solution is feasible and the way to go. But if you really want to avoid the extra call, you can register a "type" tag when you register the device and query the notification hub for the "type" tag and the other tag you want to send to

for (Registration reg in hubClient.getRegistrationsByTag(iosTag)) { hubClient.SendAppleNativeNotificationAsync(payload, tag); }

for (Registration reg in hubClient.getRegistrationsByTag(androidTag)) { hubClient.SendGcmNativeNotificationAsync(payload, tag); }

Hope it Helps!

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answered Jul 9, 2019 by Perry
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