Azure DevOps Taskboard Can I drag anything besides Tasks

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enter image description hereOn the Azure DevOps TaskBoard for a sprint, it would appear that the only thing I can drag across the board is Tasks. Not bugs. Not Backlog items. This means if I want to see where a bug is on the board, I have to create a task for it. (Note: My project uses Scrum. Bugs are managed with requirements)
I guess this makes sense. It is a "Taskboard" after all. But this seems tedious. Most of the time, the bug is the task. I make a bug, make a check-in, and mark it done. I would expect to be able to drag the bug itself across the board to mark it done.
And even if I go to the trouble for creating a task for a bug (or a Backlog Item) and then I drag the task across the task board to "Done", the bug's status still stays where it was. It doesn't change to not do. I then have to go to the bug and manually mark it as "Done"
This limits the usefulness of the Taskboard for our planning. Am I missing something? Is there a way to change this?

Mar 15 in Other DevOps Questions by Kichu
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