Generating NPV estimates in Powerquery for PowerBI

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So I am looking to generate NPVs for a number of different cases. Assume the discount rate is 10%.

Below is some sample data and I was hoping to get NPVs for all cases both for costs and for revenues.

So in this case, what would be ideal is to get:

-Neptune & Mars NPV Revenues

-Neptune & Mars NPV Costs

Ideally, in different tables ie. NPV cost table with all projects and the NPVs of each their costs and the same for the revenue NPV table. Hope you can help.

Case Profile Year Value
Neptune Cost 2021 7
Neptune Cost 2022 7
Neptune Cost 2023 5
Neptune Cost 2024 6
Neptune Revenue 2021 7
Neptune Revenue 2022 7
Neptune Revenue 2023 5
Neptune Revenue 2024 6
Mars Cost 2021 6
Mars Cost 2022 6
Mars Cost 2023 6
Mars Cost 2024 8
Mars Revenue 2021 7
Mars Revenue 2022 7
Mars Revenue 2023 5
Mars Revenue 2024 6

Mar 10, 2022 in Power BI by Edureka
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