Calculate Total number of Male Female in the PowerBI report

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I want to count the total number of males and females in a PowerBI report such that, if my report table looks like the one given below:

Name    Gender
std1    Female
std2    Male
std3    Female
std4    Male
std5    Male
std6    Male

The result I should be:

Female 2
Male   4
Feb 28, 2019 in Power BI by Shubham
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To achieve what you are looking for, you could do the folllowing;

  1. Make a new table using the New Table button with the following code:

    GenderCounts = DISTINCT(TableName[Gender])
  2. Make a relationship from the new table with the original table 

  3. Add a new column to the GenderCounts table with the following code:

  4. And there you have another table containing the count for each gender. 

answered Feb 28, 2019 by Upasana
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