Acquire access token from Azure AD for native app registration PowerBI using client credentials

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I am using adal4j (version 1.2.0) from a backend application to acquire an access token to be able to use the PowerBI REST APIs to embed reports (more specifically, the GenerateToken method). I have registered a native app in Azure, and provided it the necessary permissions. I can acquire an access token using a username/password combination as follows:

AuthenticationContext ac = new AuthenticationContext("", false, es);
Future<AuthenticationResult> f = ac.acquireToken("", CLIENT_ID, USERNAME, PASSWORD, null);

And then use the token to authenticate to the APIs successfully, and ultimately show the embedded report. However, I my case, I would like to of course use the client credentials (client ID, client secret) instead of a user account. I can acquire the token again as follows:

AuthenticationContext("", false, es);
ClientCredential cc = new ClientCredential(CLIENT_ID, CLIENT_SECRET);
Future<AuthenticationResult> f = ac.acquireToken("", cc,null);

The client ID is the application ID of the registered native app, and the client secret is defined by adding a key to the application. Again, I get the token, but now I am not able to use it to authenticate against the APIs anymore (HTTP 403, without any further details).

So my question is, that is this a valid scenario that should work in the first place, and/or am I just missing a piece of technical information either in Azure or using adal4j?

Edit: Below is a screenshot of the delegated app permissions.

Nov 12, 2018 in Power BI by Shubham
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AFAIK , Power BI REST API only supports delegated permissions but does not support any application permissions . You will find no application permission available in azure portal . So Power BI REST API doesn't allow client credential flow without user identity . 

If you want to connect to Power BI REST API from a Service , you could use Resource Owner Passwords Credentials Grant flow.

answered Nov 12, 2018 by Upasana
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Is there a way we can get access token without password, may using any other info ?
You cannot get the access token without a password, at least not yet. Some credentials required.

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