Session app error while installing APK

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I am having tons of difficulty in importing a project written on Android Studio 1.1 into the Android Studio 2.1.2 process. I keep getting this error whenever the gradle is built before testing the app on a tablet. Below is a screen shot of the error. Does anyone know what the problem could be? I have tried adb kill-server followed by adb start-server as well as some other gradle versions compatible with the project. Other than this, I have not been able to find many more suggested solutions to the problem ("session 'app': error installing APK").

Additionally, I have tried uploading a basic Hello World project which successfully built the gradle.

Error message from Grable Build:

Initial Error Message

Second set of Errors

Feb 22 in Others by Rahul
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In order to overcome this problem, start with disconnecting all devices connected to System/Close all emulators running on System. Then Turn Off Instant Run feature from settings. Perform a clean build and then Turn ON Instant Run feature from settings. Perform a clean build by connecting your device and ensure it is online and then Run the Project by selecting the device/emulator. Please keep in mind that you should not have different instances of Android Debug Bridge(adb) running on the system. If what you are using is Genymotion then make sure that you use the custom sdk path mentioned in the Genymotion settings which you mentioned in the settings of Android Studio.

Follow all the steps and I am sure you will get the issue fixed.
answered Feb 22 by Aditya
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