How to make sure transactions take no fee in a private Ethereum blockchain

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I have a private parity node setup on my laptop. How can I make sure that there is 0 transaction fee whenever a transaction is posted in this private ethereum blockchain, meaning that I can post a transaction giving "gas: 0"?

Example: Account A has 20 ethers, Account B has 0 ether. When I transfer 10 ether from Account A to Account B, Account A now shows 9.980 and Account B shows 10.

How can I prevent the extra gas being deducted?

Mar 26, 2018 in Blockchain by nsv999
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In a private ethereum network you have control over the miners so you can customize them to accept transactions with gasprice : 0

Note that this arrangement will not alter how gas itself works in the network. The gas limit is still there. The only difference is that the client is saying it will pay 0 for gas on a transaction and the miner is staying it is willing to accept transactions at 0 price.wn voteaccepted

From the Parity documentation:

--gasprice WEI        Minimum amount of Wei per GAS to be paid for a
                                transaction to be accepted for mining. Overrides
answered Mar 26, 2018 by Christine
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