How do transactions create a new block in Blockchain?

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As per my understanding, every new transaction will create a new block with that transaction and that block will be appended to Blockchain. if some one mine a new block, few coins will be awarded to miner as a transaction. is that correct flow? or can a block has multiple transactions? If this is true, then -

1) should a genesis block has multiple transactions?

2) what if two nodes have different chain(I mean we need to resolve using consensus algorithm) but meanwhile if that node process a transaction then hash of that block would be changed and then what would happen to neighbour node's chain?
Aug 10, 2018 in Blockchain by sabby
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Bitcoin puts a cap of 2,400 transactions on each of their blocks, but not all blocks have this many. People broadcast transactions to miners and miners put transactions into blocks and distribute them.

Since, blockchains should be immutable, so you shouldn't append a new transaction onto a block's list. Also, this would change the value of the hash you need to find to validate the block.

It is up to you how many transactions you want per block, one or multiple. What I would do is gather the non-chained transactions, put them into a block and append that new block to the chain.

answered Aug 10, 2018 by Christine
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