Getting numbered build artefact using ansible from jenkins

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I've got a jenkins server from which I download build artefacts. The job is set up in a way that the build artefact includes the job number like NightlyBuild-346.tar.bz2. The job number helps make it easy to know when the job was build. The problem is that I dont know the name of the file I'm downloading. I know I want the last successful build. I did something like this.

- name: download build from CI
    url: ""
    dest: /tmp/NightlyBuild-345.tar.bz2

But this breaks jenkins after the build finishes because the artefact becomes NightlyBuild-346.tar.bz2. The options that I have here are:

  • Try to use wildcards in the get_url module (not so sure about that)
  • Download ALL artifacts from the job (there are several) as a single and use command-line and regex magic to find the actual build artifact I care about. (potential for a hot unmaintanable mess)
  • Use the REST API to obtain the job number for the last successful job and form the full URL. (not sure that Ansible allows me to set variables on-the-fly like that).

Is there any better way to do this or are these my only options? In the end I'd like to publish to an artifactory repo from jenkins.

Aug 20, 2018 in Ansible by Atul
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You can get the build number with uri module by querying jenkins:

- uri:
    url: http://ci/job/NightlyBuild/lastSuccessfulBuild/buildNumber
    return_content: yes
  register: build_number_resp

- debug: msg="URL with build number http://ci/job/NightlyBuild/lastSuccessfulBuild/artifact/NightlyBuild-{{ build_number_resp.content }}.tar.bz2"

answered Aug 20, 2018 by ajs3033
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