How do I create a volume in kubernetes so that it doesn't get detroyed when pods die?

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I am having a docker image which when created should check if the volume is empty, in case it should be initialized with some data. This saved data must remain available for other pods with the same or different image.

enter image description here

Can anyone resolve this query?


Aug 16, 2018 in Kubernetes by shubham
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Here is a solution to your problem:

You can mount the pod into the node and hence save the data in the node so when new pod will create in the same node it will have an access to the same volume.

Pods on the same node can create deadlock for the same resource. So what can we do is share storage meaning and create one storage and every pod will claim storage in the same storage.

Just watch this webinar to clear your doubts :

I hope it would help you resolve your query.

answered Aug 20, 2018 by anonymous

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