How do I create a service account for my dashboard and get all the credentails

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I have set up a cluster, Now i'm trying to figure out how to create an account on the dashboard and how do I get the token value and the credentials?

Thank you..
Oct 8, 2018 in Kubernetes by lina
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Run the following commands:

This command will create a service account for a dashboard in the default namespace

kubectl create serviceaccount dashboard -n default

Add the cluster binding rules to your dashboard account

kubectl create clusterrolebinding dashboard-admin -n default \ --clusterrole=cluster-admin \ --serviceaccount=default:dashboard

Copy the secret token required for your dashboard login using the below command:

kubectl get secret $(kubectl get serviceaccount dashboard -o jsonpath="{.secrets[0].name}") -o jsonpath="{.data.token}" | base64 --decode

For detailed explaination, follow the instructions on this blog.

answered Oct 8, 2018 by Kalgi
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