Let s keep this thread for discussing Python Interview questions Experience

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Hello everyone, I know a lot of you are interested in finding the most common questions asked in interviews related to Python... 
Refer to this blog to get an Idea as how are the questions going to be: https://goo.gl/6YHckS
During your Interviews, If you came across other questions not mentioned in this blog, then please feel free to comment the question and the answer in this thread. For the welfare of the community, l will get it added to Edureka's Python Interview Questions blog. Also feel free to share your interview experience.

Jul 26, 2018 in Career Counselling by Priyaj
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Hello everyone here is an updated blog for Python Interview Questions. Your last minute sheet to brush up most frequently asked Interview Question.

Refer the Blog "Top 50 Python Interview Questions You Must Prepare In 2019".

All the best to everyone.

answered Jan 17, 2019 by Edureka
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selected Jan 17, 2019 by Priyaj
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Hey @Priyaj 

The edureka blog really helped me a lot, there was this one question Interviewer asked me but I was not sure about it as its always a confusion as what is the correct approach to get this answer right. Interviewer was a nice person and he helped me with the correct answer. The question goes as follows:- 

Explain how Python does Compile-time and Run-time code checking?

Python performs some amount of compile-time checking, but most of the checks such as type, name, etc are postponed until code execution. Consequently, if the Python code references a user -defined function that does not exist, the code will compile successfully. In fact, the code will fail with an exception only when the code execution path references the function which does not exists.
If it requires further improvements, suggestions are appreciated.
Hope this helps everyone.
answered Jul 27, 2018 by Frankie
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Hey @Priyaj the link to the blog you gave was really very helpful. Though i didn't find this one question that goes as follows:-

What is the process of compilation and linking in python?

Hope I get a detailed answer about this and hope this help everyone.
Thank you in advance.

answered Jul 27, 2018 by findingbugs
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Hello @findingbugs
Its a very nice question and this can be defined without giving a pendent for question creation.
The compiling and linking allows the new extensions to be compiled properly without any error and the linking can be done only when it passes the compiled procedure. If the dynamic loading is used then it depends on the style that is being provided with the system. The python interpreter can be used to provide the dynamic loading of the configuration setup files and will rebuild the interpreter.

The steps that is required in this as:

Create a file with any name and in any language that is supported by the compiler of your system. For example file.c or file.cpp
Place this file in the Modules/ directory of the distribution which is getting used.
Add a line in the file Setup.local that is present in the Modules/ directory.
Run the file using spam file.o
After successful run of this rebuild the interpreter by using the make command on the top-level directory.
If the file is changed then run rebuildMakefile by using the command as ‘make Makefile’.

Hope this helps.
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Hey @Priyaj can you help me with this one question 

How Does Python Handle The Memory Management?

Thank you in advance
answered Jul 28, 2018 by DareDev
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Python uses private heaps to maintain its memory. So the heap holds all the Python objects and the data structures. This area is only accessible to the Python interpreter; programmers can’t use it.
And it’s the Python memory manager that handles the Private heap. It does the required allocation of the heap for Python objects.
Python employs a built-in garbage collector, which salvages all the unused memory and offloads it to the heap space.
Hope this answer helps you
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Hello @Priyaj 

This is a question I had in an interview 

What Is NumPy And How Is It Better Than A List In Python?

I answered it almost correct then the interviewer completed my answer so hope this helps everyone!

NumPy is a Python package for scientific computing which can deal with large data sizes. It includes a powerful N-dimensional array object and a set of advanced functions.

Also, the NumPy arrays are superior to the built-in lists. There are a no. of reasons for this.

  • NumPy arrays are more compact than lists.
  • Reading and writing items is faster with NumPy.
  • Using NumPy is more convenient than to the standard list.
  • NumPy arrays are more efficient as they augment the functionality of lists in Python.
answered Jul 30, 2018 by bug_seeker
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Hello everyone I had this one question can anyone tell me as what could be the answer good enough to answer this question.
What Is A Built-In Function That Python Uses To Iterate Over A Number Sequence?
answered Jul 30, 2018 by QueenBee
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Hello dear,
This is an interesting question, let me guide you through this,

range() generates a list of numbers, which is used to iterate over for loops.

for i in range(5):
The range() function accompanies two sets of parameters.

stop: It is the no. of integers to generate and starts from zero. eg. range(3) == [0, 1, 2].
range([start], stop[, step])
start: It is the starting no. of the sequence.
stop: It specifies the upper limit of the sequence.
step: It is the incrementing factor for generating the sequence.
Points to note:
Only integer arguments are allowed.
Parameters can be positive or negative.
The <range()> function in Python starts from the zeroth index.

Hope this will help you!

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