Hyperledger Fabric CA Failed to get user User not found

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I am trying to setup Hyperledger Fabric CA. When i try to initialize it, i get this error:

server side

root@slayer-VirtualBox:/home/slayer# fabric-ca-server init -b “admin:adminpw”
2017/09/15 10:40:20 [INFO] Home directory for default CA: /opt/Fabric-CA/server
2017/09/15 10:40:20 [INFO] Listening on
2017/09/15 10:41:07 [INFO] POST /enroll 401 23 "Failed to get user: User not found"

how to solve it?
Jul 23, 2018 in Blockchain by slayer
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The problem could be because of the inverted commas you are using for admin:adminpw. 
Try removing the invereted commas in the commands.

Now, delete the server and client folder and follow the below steps:

1.Initialize the server
fabric-ca-server init -b admin:adminpw
2.Start the server
fabric-ca-server start -b admin:adminpw
3.Enroll the Admin
fabric-ca-client enroll -u http://admin:adminpw@localhost:7054
4.Create new user and register it
fabric-ca-client register -u http://localhost:7054 --id.name test --id.secret testpw --id.type client --id.affiliation org1.department1

answered Jul 23, 2018 by digger
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