Not Able to register a user with Hyperledger-Fabric v1 1 preview

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Hi I am not able to register a user with fabric v1.1 preview I am using node-sdk balance transfer example This is the error log

2017/12/19 10:15:43 [DEBUG] Received request for /api/v1/register
2017/12/19 10:15:43 [DEBUG] Checking for revocation/expiration of certificate owned by 'admin'
2017/12/19 10:15:43 [DEBUG] DB: Get certificate by serial (2579edfb30a98bc8200916a7898f0de00280865) and aki (e729224e8b3f31784c8a93c5b8ef6f4c1c91d9e6e577c45c33163609fe40011)
2017/12/19 10:15:43 [DEBUG] Received registration request from : { Name:Jim456 Type: Secret:**** MaxEnrollments:1 Affiliation:org1.department1 Attributes:[{Role  false}] CAName:ca-org1  }
2017/12/19 10:15:43 [DEBUG] Sent error for /api/v1/register: scode: 401, local code: 30, local msg: Certificate not found with AKI 'e729224e8b3f31784c8a93c5b8ef6f4c1c91d9e6e577c45c33163609fe40011' and serial '2579edfb30a98bc8200916a7898f0de00280865', remote code: 20, remote msg: Authorization failure
2017/12/19 10:15:43 [INFO] POST /api/v1/register 401 30 "Certificate not found with AKI 'e729224e8b3f31784c8a93c5b8ef6f4c1c91d9e6e577c45c33163609fe40011' and serial '2579edfb30a98bc8200916a7898f0de00280865'"
Jun 16, 2018 in Blockchain by aryya
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The error:

"Certificate not found with AKI 'e729224e8b3f31784c8a93c5b8ef6f4c1c91d9e6e577c45c33163609fe40011' and serial '2579edfb30a98bc8200916a7898f0de00280865', remote code: 20, remote msg: Authorization failure"

Suggests that the CA didn't find the certificate that you gave it (from the admin).

If you are enrolling the admin with the CA to get fresh certificates this should solve your issue.

It seems that you may be using old certificates stored in your KVS store file that pertains to the prior network. This problem is simply caused by you restarting a fresh network and keeping the prior KVS, thus when you run your code, it checks if the user is stored and uses those credentials instead of getting new ones. Always remember to delete your kvs when restarting your network.

answered Jun 16, 2018 by charlie_brown
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