Dokku Multiple app in single repo

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I have a maven project




I want to run service-a and service-b in dokku.

dokku apps:create service-a

dokku apps:create service-b

git remote add dokku

how to do this for service-b

How to tell dokku which service do I want to start ?

Jul 16, 2018 in Other DevOps Questions by Nilesh
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You can use the dokku-monorepo plugin. It’s used for monorepo setups.

Step 1- Install the plugin

      dokku plugin:install

step 2- $ ls




                The file .dokku-monorepo contains paths for applications to be deployed

Step 3- first=myapp1


          The part before = is used to identify the dokku application.

Step 4- $ git remote -v




The example-first and example-staging-first applications would be deployed from the myapp1 folder.

When you push the code to an application's remote, the folder gets detected for you:

$ git push first

Counting objects: 253, done.

Writing objects: 100% (253/253), 38.27 KiB | 0 bytes/s, done.

Total 253 (delta 117), reused 233 (delta 109)

=====> Monorepo detected

=====> Installing from ./myapp1

-----> Cleaning up...

-----> Building example-first from herokuish...

-----> Adding BUILD_ENV to build environment...

-----> Python app detected


answered Jul 16, 2018 by Kalgi
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