Managing several maven artifacts in a delivery pipeline

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We built several maven artifacts, which release SNAPSHOTS (2.0.1-SNAPSHOT) on a daily basis and release versions (2.0.1) on a weekly basis.Our artifacts get tested fully with snapshots of the other artifacts and all works well. In many cases artifacts get developed at the same time and so depend on eachother without backwards compatibility

The last stage of the pipeline tests the release candidate of a specific artifact with the release versions of other artifacts, so I'm trying to release 2.0.1 of artifact A, that was tested with 2.3.5-SNAPSHOT of artifact B and passed.

Here comes the dead-end, because artifact B hasn't released 2.3.5 yet (it will in a few hours). So obviously artifact A will fail in this stage because it's being tested against 2.3.4 of artifact B (which is B's latest release).

Let's assume that all artifacts have the same pipeline.

Just to sum it up:  Artifact A is at 2.0.1-SNAPSHOT attempting to release 2.0.1, its latest release is 2.0.0 Artifact B is at 2.5.2-SNAPSHOT attempting to release 2.5.2, its latest release is 2.5.1

stage 0 test -> A 2.0.0 with B 2.5.1 - PASSED

stage 1 test -> A 2.0.1-SNAPSHOT with B 2.5.2-SNAPSHOT - PASSED

stage 2 test -> A 2.0.1-SNAPSHOT with B 2.5.1- FAILED

I understand that it will continue to fail until B release 2.5.2, but how do I take that into consideration in my delivery pipeline. I want artifact A to be able to release weekly.

I’m to fix this in my delivery pipeline. Do I need another stage in the pipeline?
Jul 12, 2018 in Other DevOps Questions by Nilesh
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If A depends on B as a module in multi module project, do the maven's work manually. You need to build first the B's release and afterwards the A's release
answered Jul 12, 2018 by Kalgi
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