How to I switch to a new window for links with “blank” targets using Capybara?

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When I am clicking on "click_link" a link with target ="_blank", it the focus on the current window.

I want to either be able to switch to the new window or to ignore the _blank attribute, I want it to navigate it to the page indicated by the link so that I can make sure that it is the right page.

I am using the web-kit and selenium drivers.

Kindly help me out with this
Jul 11, 2018 in Selenium by QueenBee
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Capybara 2.3 includes the new window management API. 

You can use it as shown below:

new_window = window_opened_by {click_link 'Something'}
within_window new_window do
  # code #
answered Jul 11, 2018 by Meci Matt
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