How to transact custom token instead of ethers using JSON rpc?

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i have a system that uses ETH for transaction and this is the code i have used..

var postData = {"jsonrpc":"2.0","method":"eth_sendTransaction","params": [{"from":"0x52f273a06a420453aa5b33c4f175395c9a1fddd8", "to": data.ethAddress, "value": 1e18}], "id":1}
    var url = 'http://localhost:8545/'
    var options = {
    method: 'post',
    body: postData,
    json: true,
    url: url
    request(options, function (err, res, body) {
    if (err) {
        console.error('error posting json: ', err)
        throw err
    var headers = res.headers
    var statusCode = res.statusCode
    console.log('headers: ', headers)
    console.log('statusCode: ', statusCode)
    console.log('body: ', body)

Now i want to do the same tasks as for the existing system but instead of using ETH as tokens, i want to use my own custom tokens for transaction.. how can i do it?

Jul 10, 2018 in Blockchain by slayer
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First create your custom token. Then develop a smart contract. After doing that you can deploy and start using it. Go through the following link and see how it is done in the tutorial:
answered Jul 10, 2018 by digger
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