const is reserved parse error

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i am trying to archive a business network and im running the following command.

composer archive create --archiveFile --sourceType module --sourceName digitalproperty-network

but i am getting the following error:

Creating Business Network Archive

Looking for package.json of Business Network Definition

Input directory: /home/azureuser/.nvm/v6.9.5/lib/node_modules/digitalproperty-network
      else throw err

SyntaxError: The keyword 'const' is reserved (17:0)
    at Parser.pp$4.raise (/home/azureuser/.nvm/v6.9.5/lib/node_modules/composer-cli/node_modules/acorn/dist/acorn.js:2488:13)
    at Parser.pp$3.parseIdent (/home/azureuser/.nvm/v6.9.5/lib/node_modules/composer-cli/node_modules/acorn/dist/acorn.js:2436:12)
    at Parser.pp$3.parseExprAtom (/home/azureuser/.nvm/v6.9.5/lib/node_modules/composer-cli/node_modules/acorn/dist/acorn.js:1946:19)
    at Parser.pp$3.parseExprSubscripts (/home/azureuser/.nvm/v6.9.5/lib/node_modules/composer-cli/node_modules/acorn/dist/acorn.js:1872:19)
    at Parser.pp$3.parseMaybeUnary (/home/azureuser/.nvm/v6.9.5/lib/node_modules/composer-cli/node_modules/acorn/dist/acorn.js:1849:17)
    at Parser.pp$3.parseExprOps (/home/azureuser/.nvm/v6.9.5/lib/node_modules/composer-cli/node_modules/acorn/dist/acorn.js:1791:19)
    at Parser.pp$3.parseMaybeConditional (/home/azureuser/.nvm/v6.9.5/lib/node_modules/composer-cli/node_modules/acorn/dist/acorn.js:1774:19)
    at Parser.pp$3.parseMaybeAssign (/home/azureuser/.nvm/v6.9.5/lib/node_modules/composer-cli/node_modules/acorn/dist/acorn.js:1750:19)
    at Parser.pp$3.parseExpression (/home/azureuser/.nvm/v6.9.5/lib/node_modules/composer-cli/node_modules/acorn/dist/acorn.js:1722:19)
    at Parser.pp$1.parseStatement (/home/azureuser/.nvm/v6.9.5/lib/node_modules/composer-cli/node_modules/acorn/dist/acorn.js:777:45)

How can i solve this?
Jul 6, 2018 in Blockchain by digger
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It could be an error because of the extension. Change the extension in your command and retry with digitialPropertyNetwork.bna
answered Jul 6, 2018 by slayer
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