What is the difference between the Jenkins jobs which are in workspace directory and jobs directory

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What is the difference between the Jenkins jobs which are in the workspace directory and jobs directory?



There are few jobs that are not present in the workspace directory which is in the jobs directory. want to understand what is the difference between them.
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These folders have different meanings in Jenkins. If you upload or download any file with Jenkins Jobs, then those files you can find in the workspace directory.

[root@localhost workspace]# pwd
[root@localhost workspace]# ls
Dynamic_Node1   Job2
[root@localhost Job2]# pwd
[root@localhost Job2]# ls
deployment.yml  Dockerfile  Dockerfile.txt  file  index.html  sshd_config

On other hand, your Jenkins job can build multiple times. So every build will store in the Jobs directory. Just go through the above two directories, you will get the concept.

[root@localhost jobs]# pwd
[root@localhost jobs]# ls
Dynamic_Node1  Dynamic_Node2  Job1  Job2  Job3
[root@localhost jobs]# cd Job1/
[root@localhost Job1]# ls
builds  config.xml  nextBuildNumber
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