Ranger kms is not coming up

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Hi Team,

While enabling HA for the Ranger KMS, I got to mess up with Kerberos. I do admit that I am new to Hadoop and Kerberos. However, I cleaned up by following below steps:

1)Stop and delete both ranger admin, Rangerkms service. through Ambari.

2) drop DB and user.

To start ranger KMS:

  1. Add service, add the user. Now my DB shows as

mysql> show databases
    -> ;
| Database           |
| information_schema |
| ambari             |
| hive               |
| mysql              |
| performance_schema |
| ranger             |
| rangerkms          |
7 rows in set (0.00 sec)

mysql> select user, host from mysql.user;                                                                                                                                               +-------------+----------------------------------+
| user        | host                             |

3.But still my ranger KMS is failing.

  I have another node where Kerberos installed

   2 10/16/2020 10:53:07 rangerkms@<datanodes>

4. I tried to add tickets by executing this command

kinit -kt /etc/security/keytabs/rangerkms.service.keytab rangerkms/data01.@data.<domain>.com

kinit: Keytab contains no suitable keys for  rangerkms/data01.@data.<domain>.com while getting initial credentials

WHich step I am going wrong ...

In ranger below is the error

keytabs/rangerkms.service.keytab rangerkms/data01@<domain> > /dev/null' returned 1. kinit: Client '
' not found in Kerberos database while getting initial credentials"

Please pour suggestion.

Oct 18 in Big Data Hadoop by Shilpa S
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There may be lots of reasons behind this error. You need to troubleshoot in multiple ways. First, check if all the services are in a running state or not. you can also restart all the Kerberos services. Also, destroy Kerberos credentials and recreate it.

answered Oct 19 by MD
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Thank you, yes your right hivemetastore is also not coming up ..:(

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