Can a Jenkins build access the archived artifacts from itself

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I'm using Jenkins and have the "Archive the Artifacts" step at the end of my builds to archive them into a zip file.

Instead of using this step, I'd like to use a script to push the artifacts to a remote server at the end of the build. The server I'm pushing to uses a REST API / HTTP PUT request in a script to upload files.

Note that I'm looking to access the artifact created in the same build. So if I'm on build #5, I want the artifacts from build #5, not build #4.

Is there any way to access this zip file with a script, in the same build that it was created in?

I need to upload this zip remotely and don't want to create another job to do so.
Oct 15, 2020 in Jenkins by anonymous
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You could probably use one of the "Publish Over" plugins to upload your artifacts at the end of a build.

The goal of the Publish Over plugins is to provide a consistent set of features and behaviors when sending build artifacts ... somewhere.

answered Oct 15, 2020 by Lyana

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