How can I list all the `env` properties within a Jenkins pipeline?

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Given a jenkins 2.1 build pipeline, jenkins injects a env variable into the node{}. For example, BRANCH_NAME can be accessed with

node {
    echo ${env.BRANCH_NAME}

I want to echo all env properties within the jenkins pipeline.

I'm looking for code like

node {
    for(e in env){
        echo e + " is " + ${e}

which would echo something like

 BRANCH_NAME is myBranch2
 CHANGE_ID is 44
Aug 9, 2018 in Jenkins by Tyrion anex
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One way of doing this is :

node {
echo sh(returnStdout: true, script: 'env')
// ..

Another way is:

According to Jenkins documentation for declarative pipeline use :

sh 'printenv'

And for Jenkins scripted pipeline use:

echo sh(script: 'env|sort', returnStdout: true)
answered Aug 9, 2018 by Sophie may
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