Write Cell Range does not exist in Excel

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Hello guys!

I want to add a formula (Subtotal) in my excel file using UiPath with the Write Cell activity. I have a column going from C1 to C7 and the data start at C2. I want to put the formula to C8 but the Write Cell activity doesn’t accept the range I declare in the formula. You can see it in the screenshot. Do you have a solution?

Best greetings!

Sep 30, 2020 in RPA by RandomDude
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Have you tried with the workbook write range?

Sometimes excel scope finds it hard to find the ranges. Try with the workbook write range and confirm if it worked.

Check with the formula as well, if the formula is wrong then the same error occurs.
answered Sep 30, 2020 by Saiprasanth
Not yet. I did it now by using the Click activity and then type into. It is not very elegant but it works. Another solution would be better though
Using the "write cell" activity, you can write the formula in your first cell which is C2, and then use the "autofill range" activity to fill this formula from range C2 to C8.

To write a formula in one go, you can try the "write range" activity as well which will take Excel range and datatable as input.
I did it by writing the following in the range: ""E2: E".TrimEnd+(dataTable.Rows.Count+1).ToString"

Somehow it worked :D

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