Best monitoring tool for Infrastructure application services and server

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Hi ,

We have plan to do monitoring all the servers, services, application and infra. I confuse to choose cheap and best monitoring tool.

Can any one tell me which one is best and cheaper tool for motoring Applications, Services, Servers(Windows Based) and Cloud Infra?
Sep 28, 2020 in DevOps on Cloud by Lakshminarayanan
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There are some good monitoring tools available in the Market like ELK, Splunk, Prometheus & Grafana, etc. Most of the industries are using Splunk. It charges more compared to the other tools. But it gives you more operations and features. You can use ELK also. It is an open-source. You can try with this. If it fulfills your requirement then deploy your environment accordingly.

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answered Sep 28, 2020 by MD
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Thanks dear,

Does Splunk meet below requirements?

1. Does the Solution monitor Resource Health?(CPU,CPU load,Memory,Disk)
2. Does the Monitoring tool has Alerting System? (Mail alerts)
3. Does the tool provide URL monitoring
4. Does the Monitoring tool has Unified Dashboard?
5. Does the Monitoring Tool has the Process/Service related monitoring? Status
6. Does the Monitoring tool has control function to start and stop services.?
7. Is there any complexity in installation? (Supports and Installation dependancy)
8. is the communication between monitoring tool server and clients are encrypted (SSL)?
9. How long the monitored data be stored?
10. Pricing
11. Is any there active support available?

Most of the requirements will match may be. Also, go through some documents. You can also connect to the Splunk support team.

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