How to create user and password in Windows EC2 instance using boto3 Script

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I have a windows EC2 instance on AWS Cloud. I would like to create user and password using boto3 from my local system. Is possible to create user credentials using boto3?
Sep 23, 2020 in DevOps on Cloud by Lakshminarayanan
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I don't think AWS will allow you to create new user. By default, you will get Administrator username in your Windows instance.
answered Sep 23, 2020 by MD
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yes bro, i agreed. But i need some other user than Administrator. So i need to create user in windows instance. Is possible to do with boto3?

Yes, I understood your requirement. But according to my knowledge, you can't even create a user in another way also. Did you find any official AWS documentation regarding this?
Not yet bro. Thats why i come here for solution. Any other script to create user than boto3?


Yes. we are always here to help you. But the thing is that the concept should exit in AWS. For example, if you consider a Linux system, then you need to login ec2-user or may be another user according to AMI. Same for Windows as well. Go to your AWS dashboard and connect from there. You will get a file. That file can only be accessible by Administrator.

Except boto3, can we create any user in windows instance by any script?

According to me, you can't do this by any script. Windows instance works on the RDP protocol.

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