How do i delete my edureka account

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I no longer want my email id connected with the edureka account. I couldnot change the email address. So, i wanted to delete my edureka account.
Sep 21, 2020 in Others by anonymous
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Hi, @There,

Your query will be resolved soon. we will make sure you don't get further emails from our end.
answered Sep 21, 2020 by Gitika
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Thanks for the reply.
I already opted out of the emails. I use the current email for other purposes. So, I want to change the email address.  Would that be possible?
Or completely delete my account.

Hi, @There,

Which is your current mail id, please clarify that first. If you don't want emails from our end then for what purpose you want to use Edureka's account? 

Do you want to keep this account with changed email-id? Is that you are trying to mean?

By current mail id, i meant the one which is currently linked with my edureka account.
Yes, I want to keep the same edureka account with changed email id. I will then have no problems with the edureka's emails.

Ok, so the Id which you are using it now as in, here with us in the community, this will be your current email-id with Edureka's account right.

Please mention your previous id in which you do not want to receive an email from us as well as mention your current id. 

Once you clarify the id's we will get this done.

No, i said i tried to change the email id but couldnot change it. How do i change the email id?
Just guide me how to change the email id. That's it.

You wont be able to do that. That will be done from our administration side.

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