How can we set java library path in Eclipse

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How can I set the java.library.path for a whole Eclipse Project?

Jul 3, 2018 in Java by Sushmita
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Go into the library settings for your projects and, for each jar/etc that requires a native library, expand it in the Libraries tab. In the tree view there, each library has items for source/javadoc and native library locations.

Specifically: select Project, right click -> Properties / Java Build Path / Libraries tab, select a .jar, expand it, select Native library location, click Edit, folder chooser dialog will appear)

Messing with the library path on the command line should be your last ditch effort, because you might break something that is already properly set by eclipse.

Native library location

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answered Jul 3, 2018 by sharth
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selected Aug 2, 2018 by Omkar
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If you have single native libs in your project, there is another way you can do it. 

Go to Project properties->Java Build Path->Source. You'll find a list of source-folders. Each entry under the the Source tab has Native library locations. It supports paths within the workspace and it will make Eclipse add it to your java.library.path.

answered Aug 2, 2018 by Omkar
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There are several ways to set the java.library.path property:

  • Through the command line or terminal: Using the terminal (Linux or Mac) or the command prompt (Windows), we can execute the following command, in order to execute our Java application:

    1 java -Djava.library.path=<path_to_dll> <main_class>

    where the path_to_dll argument must be replaced with the path of the required library.

  • Through Java source code: Inside an application’s code we can set the java.library.path using the following code snippet:
    1 System.setProperty(“java.library.path”, “/path/to/library”);
answered Aug 2, 2018 by Priyaj
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