Strong Leadership starts in the Power of Communication in Project Management Do you agree

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Clear communication is what a strong leader does.
Take a moment right now and think about a strong leader you know.
Someone you truly enjoyed working for. How was the communication of this leader, make your self this simple question.

Is possible to be a great leader without clear and precise (inspiring) communication?

Sep 1, 2020 in PMP by Roshni
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While I don't believe that a leader can be effective if their communication is vague, they need the ability to inspire with their communication.

For example, you could have a technical sole contributor who is promoted to a leadership position. They are able to convey what they'd like very precisely because of their technical or analytical background, but they may not get the best out of their team because they aren't articulating a compelling, inspiring vision that the team feels like rallying behind.

answered Sep 1, 2020 by Richa sharma

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