How do I add a new node on a Hyperledger network

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I know that When you create a hyperledger fabric network, you define organizations, orderers and peers in crypto-config.yaml and configtx.yaml. But suppose I want to add a new organization or a new peer to an existing organization in a network? Can I run cryptogen and configtxgen pointing to config files that contain only the new organizations/peers and re-generate everything? Will it work? If not, what are the ways I can do it?

Apr 7, 2018 in Blockchain by Johnathon
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You can do this by generating the crypto material using

 cryptogen extends 

for the new peer, spawning the new peer and then joining that peer to the existing channel on the network to sync-up.

You can find the complete guide on: Extending Hyperledger Fabric Network: Adding a new peer

answered Apr 7, 2018 by Christine
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selected Aug 2, 2018 by Omkar
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If you wish to add peers without CA, you can find a guide in the following link:
answered Aug 2, 2018 by Omkar
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You can add an Org to your existing network by using a tool called configtxlator tool. This link contains the steps to show how you can do it. 

Hope this helps...!

answered Oct 23, 2018 by Ramya
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The cryptogen tool is used to generate all the crypto material required fro peer and organization. The configtxgen tool is used to configure the Hyperledger Fabric network. To add a new node to the network, you can generate the crypto material using cryptogen first, and then use configtxgen to configure and add it to the network.

answered Apr 24, 2019 by Raj
How to generate crypto material using cryptogen? Please mention the command. Thanks

You can generate the crypto material as follows:

../../bin/cryptogen generate --config=./org3-crypto.yaml

This command will use the org3-crypto.yaml file and create the keys and certificates necessary.

I run this command, but I couldn't find where the new material is. Can you tell me the location?

Are you using byfn or own implementation?

@Raj, I am using byfn

In that case @Esha, you will find the crypto material in a newly generated crypto-config folder in the present working directory. 

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