How to automate iOS devices using UiPath

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As there is no any UiPath Studio installer for MAC systems, how can we automate iOS devices from windows machine?

Is there any Open source iOS emulators which can be used to integrate with UiPath studio of windows machine?
Aug 10, 2020 in RPA by vikrantrathod
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As we all know it, there’s no UiPath solution for IOS. I personally hope this is in the works.

Now, using boot camp, parallel, or a remote desktop session implicitly means you’re going to be work on the operating system (OS) that you’ll be ended up with, regardless of the hardware/machine architecture is a Mac or PC, as we traditionally refer to them.

It is the OS that you ended up running your applications on that matters and not the hardware architecture.

Since the current UiPath stack is only being offered for Windows, you’ll need to be on a Windows OS.

Having said that, I would also highlight that a virtual environment, such as Parallels, is really an iOS app that simulates a Windows environment. 

When you move your focus from the Mac iOS native to the Parallels Windows environment, you’re virtually on a totally different machine.

So, if you’re an iOS centric user, there’s no UiPath for you (at this time).

Hope this helps.

answered Aug 10, 2020 by Karan
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