Completed PMP - What next

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Having completed the PMP training I have applied to the exam, once I have this under my belt should I move onto another course or focus on honing my craft and building my network?  

Any advice welcome please?
Aug 9, 2020 in PMP by anonymous
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Let your career goals and personal interests drive your professional development.

Formal Project Manager Certification and training should only be 10% of your development efforts.

The remaining 90% would occur through relationship (e.g. mentoring) and experiential (e.g. hands-on work) learning.

If you have a particular interest in a specific topic (e.g. program management, agile, risk management) then, do some formal training to learn the basics, but then get out there and apply what you've learned.

All the best!

answered Aug 9, 2020 by Hannah

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