Error reading config file etc ansible ansible cfg File contains no section headers

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Hi Guys,

I am trying to list down all the hosts from the inventory file. But it is showing me the below error.

[root@localhost ~]# ansible all --list-hosts
Error reading config file (/etc/ansible/ansible.cfg): File contains no section headers.
file: '<string>', line: 1
'inventry = /etc/myhosts.txt\n'

I have attached the ansible.cfg file below.

inventory = /etc/myhosts.txt

Jul 28, 2020 in Ansible by akhtar
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You need to add one tag in your ansible.cfg file. Make changes in your ansible.cfg file as shown below.

[root@localhost ~]# vim /etc/ansible/ansible.cfg
inventory = /etc/myhosts.txt

I hope this will help.

answered Jul 28, 2020 by MD
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