ImportError numpy core multiarray failed to import

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Hi Guys,

I am trying to import the cv2 module in Jupyter Notebook. But It is showing me the below error.

import cv2
ImportError: numpy.core.multiarray failed to import

How can I solve this error?

Jun 23, 2020 in Python by akhtar
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You need to upgrade your Numpy library. Your current version is not compatible with your CV2 module. You can use the below-given command to upgrade Numpy.

$ pip install -U numpy

I hope this will help you.

answered Jun 23, 2020 by MD
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try this...

run this code one by one....

pip uninstall numpy
pip install numpy==1.19.3

thank you
answered Nov 5, 2020 by Anand Vijay Rajsri

reshown Nov 5, 2020 by Sirajul
thanks man it is really working numpy==1.19.3 don't go for 1.19.4 all problems
Thank you very much for helping, no more errors

Hi, @There,

If the solution has helped you to overcome the error, do upvote the answer and post your tech queries with us!!!

Happy Learning!!

Thanks man. Only your solution worked for me. So only install 1.19.3. Not works with 1.19.2 or 1.19.4
Thanks bro!!!!!!!!!!!!
thank you!

It worked
worked for me as well, thank you very much!
It works for me by installing 1.19.3, can someone tell me what was wrong? why 1.19.4 did not work

I think that because of  'numpy' was a different version than 'numpy-base'

thankyou sooooo much
still isn't working for me.

Hi, @There,

Could you please share your workaround and what are you trying to do, what exact error you are facing while importing?

thank you brad
Hi @There,
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thanks bro,,,,,,,,  so much,,,,,,,,

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