import NumPy as np ImportError: No module named NumPy

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Hi Guys,

I have NumPy installed in my computer. But still I am getting this below error.

import NumPy as np ImportError: No module named NumPy

What should I do?

Apr 9 in Python by akhtar
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Whenever you import a module, python will search for that module in some specific directories. To know which all directories it will search, use the below given code in python promp

$ import sys
$ print(sys.path)

And also make sure that the NumPy module resides in any of those directory.

If your NumPy module does not present in any of those directory, then add your NumPy module to the python search path by the following given code in python prompt.

​$ import sys
$ sys.path.append("NumPy_path")
$ import NumPy

Hope this will solve your error.

answered Apr 9 by MD
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