last 10 days data based on Date&time

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i have Date & time dimensions

i need to display filter slicer showing Last 10 days data  -- then data showing only last 10 days data.


last 10 days

data like

Region, Date, country, state

Jun 4 in Power BI by vnk
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Hi, @Vnk,

Regarding your query, you have to follow few steps given below:

  • You can use the relative date slicer just like any other slicer. Create a slicer visual for your report and then select a date value for the Field value. In the following image, we selected the OrderDate field.
  • Select the slicer on your canvas and then the carat in the upper-right corner of the slicer visual. If the visual has date data, the menu displays the option for Relative.
  • For the relative date slicer, select Relative.
  • You can then select the settings.
  • For the first set in the relative date slicer, you will have to choose:  Last 
  • The second (middle) setting in the relative date slicer lets you enter a number to define the relative date range that is: 10
  • The third setting lets you pick the date measurement. You will have to choose: days

Now data that you can see will be the last 10 days data.

I hope this will help you.

answered Jun 4 by Gitika
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Thanks for reply this date slicer.

i don't want to that type of filter. we need dax calculation for Last 10 days data. showing in the slicer.

Hi, @Vnk,

For that first you have to follow few steps mentioned below:

  • Go to your PowerBi dashboard-> click ok Get Data-> (scroll down)-> select SQL server.
  • Give a name to your SQL server and provide your Database name and click OK.
  • It will get loaded where it will be connected to the SQL server. Select the table name where you have all your data and click on Load.
  • The Table will get loaded. Click on the Data view (left of you PowerBi Dashboard), there you will see your table data(region, data, Country, State).
  • Now you have to click on New Column(which will be in your top right side on the dashboard). There you will get a column to write your DAX related stuff.
  •  By default, you will see the column name and just remain that according to your choice and write the DAX  as:
DateTime  = Day(table_name(Region, Date, Country, Name))

After writing the DAX calculation press enter, automatically there will be a column that will show the data according to the query.

Hey, @Vnk,

Regarding the same query, you can visit here, I have explained in steps hope that it will be helpful for you:

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