How to design data warehouse for support whole business

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Dear Expert,

Please kindly help to guide me what is the best practice to design or build data warehouse?

What point should we consider for develop it?

Jun 1, 2020 in Database by Edureka
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Hi, @There,

So here are a few steps you need to follow into building a data warehouse:

Defining Business Requirements: 

  • Aligning department goals
  • Discovering your future needs and current needs by diving deep into your data
  • Creating a disaster recovery plan in the case of system failure

Setting Up Physical Environments: 

  • Data warehouses typically have three primary physical environments — development, testing, and production
  • You need a way to test changes before they move into the production environment.
  • Running tests can often introduce breakpoints and hang your entire server. That's definitely not something you want happening in your production environment.

Data Modeling: 

  • Data modeling is the process of visualizing data distribution in your warehouse. Think of it as a blueprint.
  • Data modeling is probably the most complex phase of data warehouse design.
  • Data modeling typically takes place at the data mart level and branches out into your data warehouse.

Extract, Transfer, Load (ETL) Solution:

  • You want optimal speeds, good visualization, and the ability to build an easy, replicable, and consistent data pipeline between all of your existing architecture and your new warehouse.
  • For most businesses, ETL will be your go-to for pulling data from systems into your warehouse. 

For some things in details you can go through this

I hope this will be helpful.

answered Jun 1, 2020 by Gitika
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