How to run commands within fabric pods through a batch script

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I am trying to write a batch script to run some commands within a fabric pod. Currently am doing it manually by running the commands one by one in cmd.
So to login into the fabric pod am using the command in the batch script:
kubectl exec -it [pod name] --bash -l -c "fabric -u ${fabric_user_name} -p ${fabric_password}"
So with this am able to log into the fabric but then I need to run some commands to get some reports like the job status. But when am writing the command to get job status after the mentioned line in script it's not doing anything. It's just waiting after logging into the fabric in cmd. How can I write the script so that I can run some commands inside the fabric? Please help.
May 30, 2020 in Others by anonymous
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Can you share your script?

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