proper syntax for http request put request

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I am trying to us http_request in my chef cookbook:

http_request 'some request' do
  url 'https://'"#{node[:chef][:node_name]}"'/v1/xyz'
  headers ({
     'AUTHORIZATION' => "Basic #{Base64.encode64('#{node[\'user\']}:#{node[\'password\']')}",
  action :get

But this come sup when I run it:

[2017-05-12T21:39:04-04:00] ERROR: http_request[some request] (mi_activemq::default line 58) had an error: OpenSSL::SSL::SSLError: SSL Error connecting to https://... - SSL_connect returned=1 errno=0 state=error: certificate verify failed

But If I hardcode the username:password it works:

'AUTHORIZATION' => "Basic #{Base64.encode64('username:password')}",
Jun 19, 2018 in Chef by Atul
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You'll hvae to interpolate values into strings.

Start with this hash definition:

node = {
  chef: {
    node_name: 'foo'

string definition:

# => "https://foo/v1/xyz"

Roby concatenates adjacent strings into one:

'foo'"bar"'baz' # => "foobarbaz"

But this way code becomes messy and is less human readable:

'foobarbaz' # => "foobarbaz"


"foobarbaz" # => "foobarbaz"

Instead of the string use this:

# => "https://foo/v1/xyz"

Another problem with your code is :

require 'base64'
"Basic #{Base64.encode64('#{node[\'user\']}:#{node[\'password\']')}"
# > "Basic I3tub2RlWyd1c2VyJ119OiN7bm9kZVsncGFzc3dvcmQnXQ==\n"

the root of your problem:

# => "\#{node['user']}:\#{node['password']"

basically when you execute the code, the value passe dto base64.encode64 is the string. You're varaible are never interpolated so you get:

# > "Basic I3tub2RlWyd1c2VyJ119OiN7bm9kZVsncGFzc3dvcmQnXQ==\n"

It doesn't have the correct user or password encoded in it.

Also check, that your node hash may not have user or password keys. A cleaner way to call encode64 is:

encoded_user_password = Base64.encode64(
  node.values_at('user', 'password').join(':')

Now interpolate into a string:

"Basic #{encoded_user_password}"

Also check ruby's URI class as it's the recommended way of building and manipulating URI's

answered Jun 19, 2018 by DareDev
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